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I chose to design a symbol of a sea turtle, an animal that I really like and have been photographing for years. Beyond the very special shape of the turtle I mostly connected to the calmness and energies of the turtle, it usually swims very slowly and with gentle movements.

In this design I tried to convey the delicacy, beauty and elegance that exist in a turtle. I used the technique of drawing with markers of different thicknesses to convey the feelings I wanted.

The Goal Is:

Turn an image of an animal into a symbol that can serve as a design basis for a brand and products.

Work Process

סמל שחור_2x.png
סמל טורקיז_2x.png








Asset 1_2x.png
אפליקציה אייפון גדול.jpg


אפליקציה בשעון copy.jpg
מחברת 1 על רקע שקוף.png
מחברת רקע שקוף.png
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