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What Is Evhunit?

A complex technological system that calculates data and produces accurate and professional reports for didactic diagnostics. Using the system saves at least 50% of the time of preparing the diagnostic report for the diagnostician, thus simplifying and optimizing his work.

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The Challenges

- To plan and design a complex system that includes all the required features without giving up the accessibility of the system to the target audience.

- Create an inviting, convenient, reliable, and convincing website that will make the user purchase the service.

- Design a logo and design language for the brand that will match its values and will be reflected in the system, in the website and when marketing the product.

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How Evhunit Works?

The user (a professional didactic diagnostician) performs a didactic diagnosis for his client. He then takes the test results and enters them into a diagnostic system, the system performs all the necessary calculations and produces a finished diagnosis for him which he can submit to his client.

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Target Audience

Professional didactics diagnosticians.


A qualitative study of interviews with didactic diagnoses revealed that:

Most didactic diagnostics today work with old methods that sometimes do not even include a computer

The training of a didactic diagnostician is very long and requires a lot of education

Many if not all new didactic diagnoses are afraid and do not know how to start working in this profession independently

Many didactic diagnoses leave the profession because they do not manage to earn enough compared to the amount of time and investment


- Most didactic diagnoses are not young, and most of them have old and slow work habits.

- The profession of didactic diagnosis is not very rewarding, therefore the process needs to be optimized in order to make the diagnostician earn more (thus also preventing abandonment of the profession)

- It is difficult for new didactic diagnoses to start working in the profession, they need guidance and support at the beginning.

UI Screens

Main Website Screens

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Screenshot_20230226_134022_Samsung Internet.jpg
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Main Software Screens

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