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The "Israeli Cocktail Festival" has been held for 5 years at the Herzliya Marina. The festival usually takes place on the last weekend of July. The target audience is anyone over the age of 18. As part of the festival, the best brands of alcohol and the best mixologists in the bar industry present all the innovations in the field.

The mixologists are a quality handful of bartenders who know how to reach the right balance of types of drinks by syrups, secret capsules, unique working methods, fruits and spices.

The Goal Is:

To design a series of images (3 posters) for a cultural event.

The technique

The technique I used is a stencil drawing technique.
While using the stencil I created similar but very different illustrations by painting with different objects. I did not use any of the illustrations with a "classic" brush, all illustrations used "unusual" accessories such as sticks, leaves, forks, sponges and more.


The inspiration

The bartender is required to know the exact dosages of the ingredients in order for the cocktail to come out as intended.
When people read the list of ingredients they have no way of knowing what the cocktail will really taste like. In many cases the list of ingredients sounds unattractive / unrelated to each other, and in the end a great cocktail comes out.

That's why a cocktail is a kind of magic to me, and I tried to convey that feeling in the posters, a sense of magic, mystery, creativity, uncertainty, and fun.

Style Guide


Asset 1_2x.png


I decided to go for a warm color palette associated with summer (at the time the festival is happening) and also to convey a pleasant, fun, lively and exciting feeling.




שלט חוצות 2.jpg
שלט חוצות.jpg
שלט חוצות 1.jpg
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