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Because we love books

What is B-SHARE?

B-SHARE is a platform that connects people who enjoy reading books.
The app gives people the opportunity to exchange books among themselves and helps them by connecting them to people with the same taste. 


The Problem

There is no digital platform that allows people to exchange books and helps them find the books they are looking for, at no cost.

B-SHARE allows people to do this by using smart algorithms that know how to offer the user the books that will suit him. The app is based on geographical location so the user doesn't have to go far to get his book.

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How B-SHARE Works?

The app locates the users closest to you and loads your feed with their suggestions for books they want to replace. 
In return you can offer your book and make an exchange.


Target Audience

1. Hebrew-speaking Israelis
2. foreign people living in Israel who don’t speak Hebrew



I conducted qualitative and quantitative studies among this 2 main groups:
1. Hebrew speakers

Only 79% read books in Hebrew (the rest in English)

91% Rely on recommendations when choosing a book

75% read only printed books

65% buy books in a store, and only 12% use a library

70% would exchange a book with a stranger who has the same taste in books

2. Foreigners

85% would exchange a book with a stranger who has the same taste in books

85% buy books in a store, and only 1% use a library

70% read only printed books

65% Rely on recommendations when choosing a book

85% read books in English even though it is not necessarily their native language


- Most of the respondents (in both studies) read in Hebrew or English, so there is no need for additional languages.

- A lot of people choose a book by recommendation
so they are very important and relevant.

- Quite a few people thought they were swapping the book, finishing reading it - and swapping it back. There will be an indication of the type of replacement of the book.


User Flow

New book offer

Receiving offers

Select 1 offer

Sign in

Create a profile

Home page

Book selection

Replacement offer


Schedule the exchange

it’s a deal :)

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UI Screens

Log In Screens

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Onboarding Screens

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Main Screens

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Secondary Screens

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